FC BARCELONA FOUNDATION/AFRICAN UNION (AU) Targets 21,800 Scholarships and Jobs for 14 African Countries 2018(Apply to work and Study In Spain/Europe)

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FCB Foundation: Who we are?
The FC Barcelona Foundation is the entity through which FC Barcelona conveys its corporate social responsibility to Developing, Underdeveloped countries and the Needy in the Society.
All projects FC Barcelona Foundation are developed based according to the following premises :
  • The use of sport as a fundamental pillar of the project
  • The promotion of education and the positive values of sport
  • Children and adolescents as the prime beneficiaries
  • Projecting Catalonia through FC    Barcelona .    Since its founding in 1994, the FC Barcelona Foundation has helped people take part in the many social, cultural and sporting activities that the Club has carried out, a reflection of an advanced society that has found in the Club and the Foundation the ideal vehicle for such activities.
As of 2010, the players and coaching staff from the professional sections of the Club also donate 0.5% of their wages to the Foundation.

The FC Barcelona Foundation, on the basis of experience in the field of sport and values, proposes a programme of action aimed at transmitting positive values to children and adolescents, which involves sporting activities as a means to promote healthy development.

Strictly a merit based selection by foundation judges and Must come from any the following African Countries: Nigeria,Ghana,South Africa, Botswana,Gambia, Morocco, Tanzania,Kenya,Egypt,Algeria, Ivory coast, Cameron,Niger,Togo,Benin,Mozambique, Zambia and Mali.
Application Deadline: 
Application opens for The  Fc Barcelona Foundation Scholarship :  Oct 31, 2017, and closes is February 31, 2018.
How to Apply:
Firstly you must create an account by the given link on the website to apply for the scholarship program
    First Name
    Last Name
    Interested applicants should start and submit application online via the link bel0w
  • No multiple application is required.
  • All application must be online on the platform.
  • Start Application online using the Application Link


  1. I'm very to work with you because is my dream to be part of Barcelona group and thanks for the help of Africa

  2. Iam by name Zainu Yusuf Musa from Nigeria live in sokoto state I need help to play football in barcelona

  3. I will to work with barcelona because it is my team right from the beginning of mylife.

  4. I will be very happy to get this scholarship and found myself in your foundation..I hope you will treat my application appropriately.
    Thank you very much. .

  5. I will be grateful if I get a scholarship.

  6. Please add Namibia too and make the minimum age 18 or 19 at least.

  7. Want to be part of Barcelona group and I would to work with the group.

  8. I will be grateful if I get a scholarship.
    I will to work with Barcelona because it my team right from the beginning of my life and am a soccer player that why.thanks you AU

  9. I will be proud to be part of your project. Because I'm one of the biggest fan of Fc Barcelona

  10. I'm VERY happy the continuos m'y study in Barcelona, so help me study there.
    Thank you very much.

  11. It was my greatest aspiration in life to be part of such a great place in the world .May the Almighty grants my application in flying colours. (Amen)

  12. Waiting on this great opportunity to be a part of this great experience to further my education outside Africa.

  13. Please help me to get the opportunity to help does indeed of help

  14. Please help me to get the opportunity to help does indeed of help

  15. How to be in the foundation and apply for it please

  16. J'aime beaucoup le Barcelone et Je rêve de continuer mes études au Barcelone
    Merci beaucoup

  17. FC BARCELONA is the best club in the world and it provides the best services and best happiness to those linked to it it will be a dream come true finding myself amongst the best in the world thank you FC BARCELONA for this wonderful opportunity

  18. These places usually have extensive lists of current scholarships available, and can help if you have questions about the application.School news

  19. It will be a dream come true to work with the greatest team in the world as I am very sure my great potentials will elevate the team and more importantly improve me.

  20. I would love to work with d greatest team of all time

  21. I want to work at Barcelona and play for the team as well,have loved the team since childhood,it’s just in my blood.
    I believe we bond together.


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