Top Note : U.S and Canada Visa Interview Questions For Africans at Embassy, To Avoid Been Denied Visa !!

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More and more people get interested in traveling. It is connected with the cultural and educational developments. Besides, more people than in the past can afford it. We may choose any country, but it’s necessary to keep in mind the documentation and requirements for them might be different. Plenty of us dream of America. That’s why it’s important to know what US and canada visa interview questions For Africans are.

U.S. Visa Interview Questions For Africans

U.S. Visa Interview Questions in Nigeria 2018
The American interview is one of the most popular visa interviews for Africans residents and notoriously the most grueling. This is because many of the interviewees or visa applicants are not well prepared for the interview. This post collates some of the frequently asked questions during American visa interviews all over the Africans. Though these exact questions may not be asked, preparing with these questions would have you ready when a variance is asked during your interview.
First of all, make sure you understand what visa actually is. It is a kind of authorization given by a country to a noncitizen to enter and remain within that particular country for a limited period. Remember, visas might be of various types, which will depend, for example, on the purpose of your visit or any other factors. Each kind may also require special documents.

Visa Classifications

This visa is intended for tourists whor are taking a vacation or holiday to the United States. It also includes individuals who will be receiving medical treatment while in the United States. It allows a visitor to reside the United States for up to ninety days with the possibility of extensions.
Designed for individuals who are planning to marry an american citizen. It allows the foreign born fiance to come to United States before the wedding has taken place. The couple then has ninety days before the wedding ceremony must occur and the visa expires.
Reserved for professionals who plan to work in the United States. 65,000 H1-B visas are scheduled to be issued every year although significantly more are often granted. The applicant must have a serious job offer from a U.S. company in order to be considered.
Non-agricultural workers can be granted this type of visa to work in the U.S. It is granted to people of many trades which are in short supply in America.
Specifically designed for skilled Canadian and Mexican workers who wish to gain employment in the United States. The applicant must be in an eligible job category in order to apply for this type of visa.
Students who wish to study in the United States will be granted this type of visa. The visa is usually issued for the duration of your education in the United States. The visa is usually reserved for higher education purposes (college and technical training).
Commonly issued to individuals who participate in programs offered by schools, businesses and other organizations. These programs offer paid training for a variety of occupations including business, education, summer programs, etc.

Visa Interview

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